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Inspection Certification

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DGFT Approved Pre Shipment Inspection Agencies | Pre Shipment Certificate | Quality Control and Pre Shipment Inspection

SGNCO Green Resources Limited provide inspection and certification solutions that help organizations manage risk and improve productivity and reputation by addressing quality issues over time.

Brand reputation is important to maintain and develop the company, and the quality of the products offered by the company is directly related to its reputation. There are many instances during a company's life cycle where it has faced quality assurance issues that could seriously damage its reputation. To address and reduce these quality assurance issues. SGNCO Green Resources Limited develop a variety of scrap metal inspection and certification services to help scrap metal suppliers reduce latent quality risks.

SGNCO Green Resources Limited is DGFT approved pre shipment inspection agencies (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) to provide scrap metal inspection and certification services. The certification process usually includes standardized tests and inspections carried out by the DGFT verification body in the format specified by the DGFT. The pre shipment inspection certificate format ensures that the quality of all scrap shipments remains consistent. Once a certificate is granted by SGNCO Green Resources Limited, it can be maintained through regular audits. Certification covers issues related to the reliability of the product and its components, services, people and systems.

DGFT Approved Pre Shipment Inspection

According to Government of India Public Notice No. 12/2015-20, all scrap metal that has not been crushed and ground must be of guaranteed quality through Mandatory Pre-Shipment Inspection and have a Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate in DGFT format. Issued for Indian shipments, this Pre-Delivery Inspection Certificate is mandatory to ensure that metal scraps do not contain radioactive materials or radiation explosives.

SGNCO Green Resources Limited reserves the right to issue inspection certificates before shipment by DGFT. The company offers a complete range of pre-shipment inspection services to help customers reduce potential quality risks that may arise from shipping their scraps. This pre-shipment inspection includes a scrap metal inspection together with the associated pre-shipment scrap metal inspection service.

The quality control and pre-shipment inspection certificate awarded by SGNCO Green Resources Limited help customers meet the challenges of critical quality, environmental safety and social responsibility.

Post Shipment Inspection and Quality Assurance

Businesses around the world rely on each other to provide products and services that must meet defined quality standards. During a long journey, certain unforeseen events may occur - accidents, fraud and quality problems and many more, which leave customers dissatisfied. In order to improve quality standards and reduce quality risks, post-shipment inspections have become an integral part of the import process.

Post-shipment inspections involve critical inspection of scrap metal. Shipments of scrap metal will be properly inspected to ensure they match the original purchase.

SGNCO Green Resources Limited offers post-shipment inspection and certification based on certain parameters, including the quantity or quality of scrap metal shipped, damage or deterioration in quality during transit, and any instances of fraud during transit. The Post-Shipping Inspection Certificate issued by SGNCO Green Resources Limited ensures that second hand shipments meet all standard and regulatory requirements..

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