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Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Mediation Services

SGNCO Green Resources Limited has garnered a reputation of being highly transparent and reliable for 3rd party inspection, conflict resolution and for their mediation process, among a number of companies.

Mediation is a term used to refer to a party-centered, voluntary and structured process for negotiation of a conflict. The mediation process involves a neutral third party that assists the primary parties in reaching an amicable conflict resolution through the employment of specialized communication and techniques.

The Process of Conflict

Before resolution, it is important to understand the underlying importance of the process of conflict. The entire process can be basically divided into various levels. These are:

  • Latent Conflict: This is the stage where the factors that could lead to a potential conflict have come into play. A proper 3rd party inspection through a neutral source can be of help at this stage.
  • Perceived Conflict: This is a stage that can forego the latent conflict stage as well. If one party has the perception that the actions of the second party may not be in accordance to the final goals, it may lead to a perceived conflict. This mainly arises because of misunderstandings between the primary parties and can normally be solved with improved communication.
  • Felt Conflict: Felt conflict is when the conflict crosses the previous stages and is not just perceived but is also actually felt by the parties involved.
  • Manifest Conflict: When behaviors evoking response from the second party are elicited, it is referred to as manifest conflict.
  • The Aftermath: The resolution of the conflict may end up having a negative or positive effect on one or both of the parties involved. That is why the role of the mediator, someone who can gauge it from a neutral and unbiased perspective, has become an important part of the process of conflict.

Conflict Resolution

Throughout the entire mediation process, the primary parties retain the right to make the final settlement decision. This includes how to settle the dispute as well as deciding on the terms of settlement. The mediator is the one to facilitate all the negotiations and the communications, but the outcome of the settlement is under the control of the primary parties. Sometimes even a simple 3rd party inspection can help curtail the dispute.

SGNCO Green Resources Limited enjoys a position of distinct repute when it comes to conflict resolution and conducting a 3rd party inspection. SGNCO Green Resources Limited has professional and unbiased mediators as well as counselors and lawyers to facilitate negotiations among small and medium business houses.With SGNCO Green Resources Limited, you can cut short the lengthy legal procedure, and ensure the facilitation of a mutually beneficial resolution to a conflict.

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