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Metal Scrap Inspection

largest scrap metal recycling companies

Largest Scrap Metal Recycling Companies

What is scrap metal inspection?
Accurately scrap metal inspection and testing for composition, quality and purity is an important part of scrap recycling and recovery. In accordance with Public Notice No. 12/2015-20 issued by Government of India, Cut Scrap is now also subject to Pre-shipment Inspection. It is mandatory to inspect imported waste from metal recycling or ferrous metal scrap for the presence of used or unused weapons, ammunition and radiation and to ensure that the imported cargo is free of unwanted materials.It is the largest scrap metal companies all over the world.

Need for scrap metal inspection

In the field of global trade, the most important challenge is ensuring the quality of shipments. Whether delivery is according to the purchase order or related contract or not is one of the main reasons why inspection of ferrous metal scrap is such an important part of metal recycling. Pre-shipment inspections help overcome these challenges and ensure that shipped goods meet buyers' specifications and expectations.

As a leading provider of metal analysis quality inspection services, SGNCO Green Resources Limited provides seamless scrap trading and scrap metal recycling worldwide. Therefore ferrous metal scrap and other scrap metal should be inspected :-

  • Visual inspection of scrap metal to ensure compliance with the contract
  • Specifications
  • Classification of scrap metal
  • Investigation of Impurities
  • Measurement of the level of radioactivity

To ensure that the scrap is free from hazardous, dangerous and prohibited things as scrap metal is a recyclable by-product, it requires strict quality interventions. For effective inspection services, SGNCO Green Resources Limited has a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. There are many large scrap metal recycling companies in India, but SGNCO Green Resources Limited is one of the best scrap metal recyclers. Our expert engineers provide qualitative scrap metal (ferrous and nonferrous) inspections and services in compliance with the international standards. Backed by a network of specialist professionals, SGNCO authenticates that the traded goods comply with their contractual terms. We offer quality inspection services to all sectors of the metal recycling industry to assess the quality, quantity and integrity of the shipped products.If you are searching scrap metal recycling near you , SGNCO Green Resources Limited is the best scrap metal recyclers.

Start Recycling your Scrap Metal

In 2018, only 34% of metal was recycled. Given that almost all types of metal can be recycled, this amount is underestimated. To help the planet - and make money doing it - find scrap metal near you.

Why Choose Scrap Metal Recycling?

SGNCO Green Resources Limited is a global ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling company based in India. The covered drives and friendly, knowledgeable staff help make every scrapping experience easy and rewarding. Bring your recycled metal materials today!

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