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Trade Mark Filing

Trade Mark Filing

We at SGNCO understands that protection of one's intellectual property rights are as important as creating them. We aim to provide all round protection to your intellectual property rights and safe guard your business interest. We offer a full range of services including Drafting of proposals, filing for patents, copyrights, designs, layouts and protection of domain names etc.

The registration procedure for trade Marks/patents in India is based on the 'first to file' system. It is therefore important that the rights holder properly and promptly, applies for the registration of its mark as soon as possible.

Once the application has been made, the Registrar of Trade Marks accepts or objects to the application.

We at SGNCO can help you to investigate on the subject before the application is made and establishing the required facts which results in shortening the time required for filing up for trade Marks and increase in acceptance rate.

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