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PSI Pre Shipment Inspection

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PSI Pre Shipment Inspection Services - SGNCO Green Resources Limited

What is a PSI Pre Shipment Inspection?

Part of supply chain management, PSI Pre Shipment Inspection is an important quality control method for assessing the quality of goods that buyers purchase from suppliers. The process ends up by issuing an Inspection Certificate by an authorized agency. Pre shipment verification is carried out by buyers, suppliers, agents and other commercial actors to determine the compliance of newly manufactured products prior to shipment for export or import. In this systematic process, verification companies take random samples of goods to determine whether goods produced for export or import meet the requirements in terms of quantity, quality standards, specifications and regulations.

Pre Shipment Inspections

PSI Pre Shipment Inspection is an inspection process that is carried out when the goods are 100% complete, packaged and ready to be shipped. Our inspectors select a random sample of finished goods according to the international statistical standard known as MIL-STD-105E (ISO2859-1). PSI confirms that the finished product fully meets your specifications.

What is the purpose of PSI?

Pre shipment inspections (or PSI Pre Shipment Inspections) ensure that production conforms to the buyer's specifications or purchase order or letter of credit requirements. This inspection is performed on theished product when at least 8 fin0% of the order is packed for shipping.

Advantages of Pre Shipment Inspection

PSI can reduce risks associated with e-commerce, such as counterfeit products and fraud. PSI services can help buyers to understand product quality and quantity before receiving goods. It can decrease the potential risk of delays in delivery and customization or processing of products.

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