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Ferrous” comes from the Latin word for iron. It refers to both iron and steel. Iron is the second most abundant metal. Its natural magnetism gives the earth a magnetic field. Because almost all ferrous metal is magnetic, junkyards often use large electromagnets attached to excavators to load and unload scrap metal from trucks and move them around the yard.

Ferrous metal Recycling helps reduce the amount of solid waste that goes to landfill, which becomes more expensive. Since this metal is magnetic, scrap can be collected with a magnet and taken to a recycling facility.

The largest sources of scrap iron in the United States are found in durable products such as tools, tires, and furniture. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 27.8% of all ferrous metal recycled in 2018 came from these durable goods, a staggering 4.7 million tonnes.

The following items are also made of ferrous metal:

- Building and construction materials such as beams, plumbing, electrical fixtures and cables
- Transport parts and products such as automobiles, railroad scrap, rotors, drums and engine blocks
- Containers and packaging
Scrap metal is also a by-product of steel production. These types of scrap - including scrap, bushels, and skeletons - are easy and valuable to put back into the same stream as they came from because they don't change and therefore don't require a lot of processing.


Since non-ferrous scrap metals do not lose their chemical properties during the recycling process, they can be recycled indefinitely. There is a long list of non-ferrous metals, but some of the most common base metals are aluminum, copper and zinc etc. Precious metals such as gold and silver are also included in the category of non-ferrous metals. Each has various uses.

Although nonferrous scrap metal represents only 10% of all material recycled in the United States, it accounts for half of the total scrap recycling industry revenue.

Since the recycler buys non-ferrous pieces per kilogram, it is usually more valuable to the recycler. However, prices for non-ferrous metals tend to be more volatile than ferrous metals. If you are searching the best prices of ferrous scrap then you get the best ferrous scrap prices on SGNCO Green Resources Limited.

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