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Copper Ingots: Copper is a soft, supple and flexible metal used in infrastructure, technology, and other key industrial sectors. It is widely used in industrial machinery, electrical wire and cable, piping and roofing. The properties that make copper a unique metal are its corrosion resistance, structural ability, excellent conductor of heat and electricity, and efficient heat transfer. With the symbol Cu and atomic number 29, copper is used both in its pure form and in combination with other elements such as bronze and brass. It is used in powder and ingot form.

With the knowledge, experience, and desired world-class equipment and machinery, we strive to manufacture high quality copper ingots from copper scrap, which are supplied by trusted suppliers worldwide. We use the latest available technology and modern tools to improve the quality of product development. If you are looking for the copper ingot at reasonable prices. You get the best copper ingot price today on SGNCO. .

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